by The Sorority

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Pledge is the debut album from The Sorority.


released April 13, 2018

All records written by pHoenix Pagliacci, Haviah Mighty, Lex Leosis, Keysha Freshh

EveKey ('SRTY')
J.O. Mairs ('Wildin' & 'Never Hurt Us')
Truss ('On Me' & 'Midnight')
Young Dreadz ('West End [Yea Eh]' & 'East End [Dun Kno]')
Shash'U ('Vanity 6')
Nine Ease ('Blacklist')

Recorded at Sandbox Studios
Engineered/Mixed by KR Moore
Mastered by Phil Demetro - Lacquer Channel Mastering

Photography Adeyemi Adegbesan
Album Artwork by Kuo Design, Meta Arts Management & Adeyemi Adegbesan

Project Management - Meta Arts Management
2018 The Sorority Sound Inc.


all rights reserved



The Sorority Toronto, Ontario

These four emcees prove through rhythm and rhyme that there is a place for them in this Hip Hop culture. With 4 different stylings, Haviah Mighty, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and pHoenix Pagliacci bring unique energy to a common craft. Each contributing their own style, personality and energy, The Sorority is a sisterhood of talent destined to empower, entertain and educate. ... more

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Track Name: SRTY
Ok now all my ladies fly (S-R-T-Y)
I got some bad ones in my ride (S-R-T-Y)
You know my sisters get in line (S-R-T-Y)
May be some secrets ‘tween our thighs (S-R-T-Y)

Ok now all the girls standing in the line for our concert
All the men trying to get this girl out her converse
If you hold my money you could probably get a free verse
‘Fore I hit the pen Imma show you what I mean first
Fuck with my crew they go Xena, Athena, Selena, and Frida
That feeling when SZA sing Gina (Go Gina)
My kicks been so clean since I linked up with Keysha
This beat got the key
(Shit) Hold down for the independents
(Woo) Ignorant, Mighty Got us reppin’
(Woo) pHoenix been the plug for the blessings
And ever since the cypher we ain’t slow down for a second
Can’t even stand at the way we’ve been blowing
While everyone sucking like card games in college
‘Member the name ‘cause it’s bout to be frosh again
Rap shit don’t work, we gone fall back on modelling (CHEESE)


I wonder if you ever feel attractive
I just met you and I feel distracted
I regret I didn’t walk in with a shield of acid
Vibes is dead, you should be in a casket
I could crunch you like the realest captain
Ain’t no runner up, I build the traction
Cross the country like the field of trackin’ (woah)
I’m felling mega echelon, but man I’m just a lego block
I think she left the kettle on by accident, I’m extra hot
I be rolling extra cones, flowing through my megaphones
Small, but probably shouldn’t wake the giant
There’s some things that’s better left alone
Where I’m going, shit I went alone, I’ll figure it out
Too many snakes up in the grass and now they slithering out
I gave my tape to all my fans if there was lingering doubt
About the way I spot that average and I filter it out
Fuck boy, remove a filter, annoying loser filter
I will, I’ll choose to end ya
I make my maneuvers bigger
I just got back from Vancouver, nigga
Shit, I’m smooth and slick from the West to the real West
I don’t feel stress
Imma organize my capital with skill sets
You can’t glorify no animal, I kill vets

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
Make your dude hard, catch your girl off guard
Body pos posse from top model to bottom
Lips, hips and tits, ladies flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em
Wear what I want, commander in commando
Yeah talk is cheap, but money never made the man dough
It means what it means if I ever tell a man no
We be the queens and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout a man’s show
And I ain’t talking about the little city
I’m talking ‘bout crowns on heads and sitting pretty
I’m talkin power, money, education
Wealth through health and literally the birth of a nation
So tell me why you can’t respect that
You tell us eat because we skinny, and stop eatin’ when we’re too fat
We’re never good enough, hood enough, light enough
Always trying to dim us ‘cause some dimwit just ain’t bright enough


it’s a nice little crowd outside
I got a nice little ride outside
Spittin’ the synonyms, splittin’ the dividends
Look up I’m mile high fly
And the kick game stupid, Nike owe me a cheque
Wrist game stupid on time when I roll ask Lex
Pay me right now, Imma need that respect
Pay me right now, or Imma come for ya neck
But yo the whole time, I was rapping on some money ish
Now I’m talking real, can’t even touch me on no money tip
Pass me the gas Imma blow the spot now
Bottom to the top Imma burn this place down
20k in the brief case, that’s a keepsake
You ain’t seen Keys or the click in like 3 days
Come inside shut the door, there’s a draft
Pull up a seat, I promise this gon be fast

Track Name: Wildin'
Why you blowin’ up my spot, I
Need to leave you ‘lone
And you make it way too hot, I
Can’t come to the phone
Why you passin’ by my job, I
Think it’s time you go
Boy you know you need to stop, I
Know I got you gone

I was in his D-Ms, he was on the D-L
Just told her I-D-O, lemme give you the de-tails
I didn’t know who she was, but she was in his e-mails
And even when I found out, too late, for me he-fell
See it was just the three of us, that’s what I thought for sure
But I didn’t see how, she’d give us so much exposure
Thought that she was done with him, he thought she was cool with it
Didn’t know that she would go dumb and become a fool with it
Started posting pictures, addresses and phone digits
Told em anybody who wanted it could come get it
Even went as far as to post receipts and card credits
Even got the chatrooms popping on Reddit
Then somebody said it, girl from NYC
She said “I see how them men from NYC be
While he was putting it on you, he put that ring on me
You tell that nigga hurry home ‘cause he got kids to feed”

Eh yo it’s too much of the rah rah, you know I ain’t that flashy
When we out in public, baby please look past me
Chill on the contact, the paps stay in my bidness
Takin flicks for TMZ, way too many pictures
Can't wait to get witcha, take the entrance ‘round back
Ask for room 237 and just relax
I’m rolling incognito, hiding from the people
Peeping through the peephole; I’m sleep though
I ain’t trynna keep you low-key but I got a image
Pics on IG, I just can't have you in it
I’m pimpin’, nah I'm kidding
But I'm doing it for you too, tell the truth boo, right now
We can't have ya lady finding out, and that’s real and you know it
It's all on ya grill boy you show it
I love you in my bed and in my head word, is bond
But on road, I just can't have you hanging off my arm


Yo this is a story all about how
This mans won’t leave me alone, two missed calls
Now he popped up on road, make a visit to my job
Well my boss said I’m out, while I’m ducking in the lobby
She said “Lex, I can’t cover for your lies,
This guy seems sweet, he just wanna apologize”
But we ain’t official, it’s a casual thing
Now he acting like my man, I ain’t ask for a ring
He was trying to catch ‘em all, I was trying to ash a blunt
When a wild Lex appears, they be working from the jump
Maybe had a couple nights that ended in some sex
Now I got a string of texts sounding borderline obsessed
Then I roll up at the party, see him standing in the corner
He was trying to play it cool, then he had to walk on over
Talks way too much; I’m trying to roll one up
And get freaky with you baby, not fall in love

Love and hate require the same emotion
I stay in motion
Hustling on my grind inside this vacant ocean
I pray he knows this, I hate that over and over we do this
We gather momentum and then we lose it
It's stupid – it’s really useless
Because an artist never lies, it's obvious, the proof is in my music
I rather this be hi and bye basis, no time to be wasted
You'll never catch me crying, complaining or trying to trace it
My pencil never off huh
Ghetto little broad huh
Bass is always loud but shit the treble never soft huh
Often I be raising it up, my cadence and hands
Don’t want nobody lookin' saying “hey that's your man”
He overbook me, he clingy, want me right tnurr like he Chingy
Plus he super touchy feely when we wanna be litty
I got a few boys, roster shit
Classy bitch, posture shit
Aiming for that green juice, energy, monster drink

Track Name: On Me
I like a selection, I guess
I like the attention I get
I like my reflection 100
My fire complexion like butter
Desire affection like touching, okay
Arrive with the sess but I smell like Olay
I'm fire in red as if hell is my lane
Designer vibe they gon' respect that I came
This site is mine, I'd never sell my domain
The most visited dot com
Is my own while you swinging em' pom poms
Rhyme my poems and it's giving em lock jaw
I'm at home when I'm singing them songs dawg
Religious, I'm not but I honour God
Not delicious I'm starving for Ramadan
So my mind clear, and my body cute
In my high heels, and my body suit

Yo Viah (what’s up) who’s that over there?
6’5 with the tats, in the chair
Yo, RIGHT THERE (right there?)
With the proper demeanour
Hair line clean, with a smile like Cleaver
Leave it to me then
I could give him one night, have him beg to repeat and it’s
Groundhog season, till the fall of the man like the Garden of Eden
I like the way that you be looking when you come through to my shows
Boy if you really about it, ain’t nobody got to know
He was texting all these other girls, like wait up hold the phone
Now I’m getting to that money with my sisters back at home

I said don’t you get it fucked up, I oned up
Bet I make you wonder what’s under
My silky red La Senza, that’s on me
You really did a number upon me, yea

You not my type I’m tryna bill it up
I got some holes to plug
I call you you come fill it up
Is that real enough
Mr Jim screechi when meh call
You afi ansa yuh phone
Cah me need a likkle flex and me deh pon mi own
You not gon’ catch me in my zone
It's been weeks since we freaked, love
You a boops, that’s how I treat ya
Put you on the shelf when I’m done, you a trophy kill
Appleton mix Red Stripe and we lowkey chill
Yuh zimme
But you not gon’ play these games with me
Text me back now before mi hype up and tweet
Drive inna yuh Lex ah fi yuh next gyal fi pree
Pass by ya yawd so ya BM could see
I’m not into the play ting so mi beg yuh please
Don’t eva eva eva, eva try play with keys
I’m holdin all my stripes and my solids in the pocket
Keeping ya black ball till I’m ready to knock it

Wine pon it, baby
You know seh dat a guh drive mi crazy
Stereotypes about what a lady should and shouldn't do
Are so 1980's
I told you in the cypher, you know what the rule is
Only step into the bedroom if the shoe fits
One kiss, two kiss, red lips, blue tips
I ain't even tryna do it to ya if ya too lit
Let's get gone, it's a celebration, bitches
36C baby, but I’m double D-licious
Rub me like genie and Imma grant you wishes
Got you on ya knees like you tryna make me mrs
But I don't miss when shots fired
Mocha Late yaya, me wired
The way you put in work I'm inspired, truly
Now let's go home and make a home movie


Track Name: West End (Yea Eh)
Westend, where my westend chicks
Over by Van Kirk where my best friend lives
And they want that purp but we lef dem tings
We encourage real words a nuh yes man ting, bless
Imma Queen on the Queen Street strip
Stand and never lay cause I need these chips
Rapping in LA is my dream boy, loyal to the scene
Chris, maybe we should screen these chicks
Yea I scream from the West
Slim thick you could tell from the seams in my dress
I'm a fiend, I'm a mess
For the green call it sess, it relieves all the stress
From the East to the West, and on and on and on
I'm a 6ix God phenomenon-nenon
West Side Broad my monologue is strong
West Drive side my squad is on the block

And I fuck so good but I still gwahn bad (yea eh)
And the clubs go buck but the tings real bad (yea eh)
Blah blah blah blah Imma still buss back (yea eh)
On a bus to the East but they still come back (yea eh) (x2)

JEEZ look who it is
Ain’t think much of the West End Kids
But who did?
Cause we Grillway grub then smoke up at the crib
It’s still Dundas West and Dufferin Mall
Honest Eds been had it all
Fuck gentrification, you can’t have our location
They go for the money go for the money go
Then sell for the mills, displace all the poor
Push out by the race, income looking low
Young Lex gotta move, someone paying more
Still rep where we from
We ain’t hidin’ from no one
If they hatin’ let em come
Yelling “West Side” from the jump

Track Name: East End (Dun Kno)
Scarborough kid from the start of it
Born in East York, but was raised in the heart of it
Even when I die Imma still be a part of it
Even when I die Imma still be a part of it
Worked for the City, Parks & Rec first job
After school at McGregor Park we’d mob
Went to the Wex but was always vex
When we had to play West Hill, had a dope squad
Ride down Lawrence from VP to PU
Got 4 district in the rearview
At STC waiting on a RT on the phone
Better pray that they hear you
Warden patties over everything, done talk
Scarborough Mirror handed door to door on the block
Room for improvement, RISE is the movement
If you ain’t from the east, what are you doin?

Ain’t no Ends in the City like the East End ends I know
Ain’t no friends in the city like the east end friends for sure
Got love for the west, but it’s east end love I show
When I die bury me in the east end, done know
Yea yea done know
When I die bury me in the east end, done know
Yea yea done know
When I die bury me in the east end, done know

I’m a Scar Town general, been bout the east side
Check the credentials, my residential
From up McCowan
Woodside was essential
Brenyon Way where we used to stand tall
MT where I used to play ball
I been bout them thangs
Kennedy Road gang gang
Ellesmere block same ting
Kick up at STC till the sun up
Hold on, wait, westside, run up
Had this shit open since the come up
I was on 9-0-5,
4-1-6. 2-8-9, neva met a girl like me, lens open
Know that I'm rollin’ whatever you smoking
Scarborough East, got me floating

Ain’t no Ends in the City like the East End ends I know
Ain’t no friends in the city like the east end friends for sure
Got love for the west, but it’s east end love I show
When I die bury me in the east end, done know

Ain’t no Ends in the City like the East End ends I know
Ain’t no friends in the city like the east end friends for sure
Got love for the west, but it’s east end love I show
When I die bury me in the east end, done know
Yea yea done know
When I die bury me in the east end, done know
Yea yea done know
When I die bury me in the east end, done know
Track Name: Midnight
This is for the women who be askin bout the glory that we bask in
But when we don't get our dues, they Nicki laughin
I dedicate this to the hella fellas and the compliments they tell us
But only in secret, they don't want they homies getting jealous
For the ones who know the name and disrespect all the same
Thinkin it gon get you higher to us gods up in the game
Who be strokin pride and swallowing everything but their ego
Then talking shit about us to all our people, oh yea, we know
Asked to hear some real shit then took it to imposters
You ain't tryna pay producers, know that streets is watchin
Joni Mitchell bet you think this song is all about you
Comin' for a bad bitch's bag ain't an option
Change ya name to Chris the way that everybody hate you
Even with ya co-sign we still don't rate you
Lying on ya dick when a chick ain't wanna date you
Calling her a bitch then what that make you?
Oh I see the type of sucka that you is
You try to judge another for the type of stuff you did
You tell the same old lies, act like it's new shit
Stealing candy from a baby, on some "Fuck you, kid"
But don't forget about what happened to Icarus, rest in peace
He was talking wild & reckless out in Socrates' streets
Chest high talkin wild bout how HE was the one
Til he learned, and got burned by the gatdamn sun
So the moral of the story is if YOU think you hot
Before ya wings get clipped and ya body get drop
And achelies get cut, and ya spleen get splattered
All that talkin you was talkin a minute ago ain't matter
So dead the chitter chatter and stop fronting for the ‘gram
Or I'll assume you don't know just who the fuck I am
Cause Icarus thought he knew, but Gravity knew better
Ain't no horsemen gonna put you back together

Pull up on a sucka like bow bow bow
Duck down
Squad pretty hittas ride sim-simma
Ride low key in a all black Bimma
Y’all know Keysh ain’t lookin for no beef
Mans in the street trynna teif Mera’s beats
Can’t afford a feat, homie whatchu mean
Until now we been super lowkey
That’s over
I need more beats I’m sober
Threats aint light li’l homie
And when it’s time to write, li’l homie
You betta step to the right li’l homie
Act right li’l homie, dead the hype li’l homie
Cuz I’m nice li’l homie
And i dont need a mic, li’l homie
But yo, I’ll end ya whole life, li’l homie
I’ll have you home before the street lights
Ya’ll dont really know me know me
And you could ask Brodie, brodie
I’m boasy boasy with the bars
Everybody else comin’ at me subpar
And I wrote this right here in my car
So who wan war lil bih, mans in the comments
You ain’t got content; please stop talkin

And I cant say that I ain't see it coming
I aim to be above it
But you a lame and yeah that secret's public
Poppin' like Thugger with a tweak of substance
Hot like the summer or a heated oven, I’m up you see I'm bubbling
You make me cry but I ain't peeling onions
This crazy life is straight revealing dungeons
It's scary, I’m so swayed I'm stealing pumpkins
My very sight is waived, I'm feeling punches
And yet I'm pacing but your heels are buckling
This pivotal structures a struggle, but I promise I'll win
I will dip you in the lava every song that I sing
I commit to bringing drama to the jaw of my kin
Talking shit and do it often is a promise I bring
And though I don't always do all the right things
I know you used to sucking dick - I don't swallow my sins
Suppose I blew you off the corner with a Llama to brain
Just 'cause you rude and out of order with a toddler brain
I get it poppin in the popular lane
I have a third inside my ocular vein
It's like you take me for a commoner, man
Bro I will break you down and twist you like an Oliver braid
You a snake, Mr. BOA, so imma constrict
You a slave to my poems and I am convinced
You wanna take my persona and Imma convict
Then Imma play my viola cause I am a bitch
Sad songs for sad people, you sad, brodie
You a sheep like mad people, that's BAH-loney
They say the spot at the top, usually mad lonely
But we going, no matter what, Just ask Brodie
Sorority yes, sorority pledge
I mean I already cut you off, to me you're already dead
You should leave it, you a comic, like illogical men
Paraplegic hope you down to lose an arm and a leg

Wonder if we’ll ever reach the pinnacle of rap
We was set up in the kitchen: “cut the AC in the back”
Tried to make it off the internet, pray that they were feeling it
Me and P decided we were making this a fact
Gyro or a pizza special every single day
And another record written and some other vocals laid
My relationship it suffered and my friends just went away
Now all my music bumping, but my health is getting drained
Now they hate me
Everybody judge me but they ain’t me
Flip a couple bars, make another hundred angry
Get up on the cypher and they dropping hate around me
Never could they argue that a bitch ain’t wavy
Pay me or give me all the time for the work back
Driving round Jane better duck when they spit facts
I be making songs that they love for the kickback
Now I’m in the States doing shows and the shit’s packed
God bless the 6, and the Coast and my brothers, man
December over everything, cold when the winter came
Eating off of Youtube money these boys are killing it
Got everybody in the city, hard in their feelings, man
Yo, I would die for this shit
Fuck around and take a life for these kids, uh-uh, yea
Been this team for a long ass time, and I’mma work till we get our shine
Best believe that

Oh my my I don't know
Why why why
Did I ever mess with you
Oh my my I don't know
Why why why
You thought that you could play me (x2)
Track Name: Vanity 6
We move from the top to the bottom house
So shoot me a text if you qualified
I'm on borrowed time
But baby we could work it
Put this kitty on ya lips, I’ll flip it and reverse it

Is it worth it? I handle every inch
And I ain’t ever need no water ‘cause my thirst is quenched
I’m a checkmate Queen with bad ass crew
Gotta have a King piece, baby, this your move, like

Oh I need you to know
Few things about me before we begin
You need not be concerned
With my physical and where I’ve been
Please don’t be that guy
Assuming that we’re all the same
I cannot be controlled
And no I don’t need to be tamed

And when I make a move
Can you move with me
Are you the kinda dude
That's gonna disapprove
Of everything I do
Cause Imma still do me
But I just I'd mention
That I just got a question

Can you define what a man should be
Would you be fine with women like me
In control of their physical being
Can you be cool if we just stay friends
What if I’m not even into men
I’m just saying, gotta let me be me

Oh boy, if you emerge
As the fella I told you I need
Ooo then, I can assure ya
Right beside me is where you will be, yea yea

And when I make a move
Can you move with me
Are you the kinda dude
That's gonna disapprove
Of everything I do
Cause Imma still do me
But I just I'd mention
That I just got a question

Long nights I'm trynna get loose witcha
Bubble baths, body paints and some nude pictures
Don't leave, I'm just getting use to ya
Make a movie in the ‘cuzzi with the floozies, heard me?
Party in the clouds ‘round 2030
I'm feeling real naughty, and my thoughts dirty
Come tek off mi frock, hands on my lap
Rub down my back; yo Lex where you at?

So let me rock rock rock your body
Some JT in the GT, it’s a party
Honesty and good head got me feeling naughty, yo
I call him D-A-DOUBLE D
Why would he ever leave?
Even on my sick days I’m sexy, baby
Serving long legs got em texting late, see
If he ever wanna bounce, going to the Ex word
Then I bet he be surprised when I steal his next girl, like


Track Name: Blacklist
They wanna throw dirt on my name
Paint me as fucking insane
Told me they never did get what goes down in my brain
But we ain’t the same
I could withstand all this rain
So was Da Vinci, Van Gogh
Winfrey, Kanye, and Monroe
Tired and hungry and low
If Colin could sit on the bench
Public opinion just don’t make no sense

So put me on the blacklist
I’mma still come back with
All of that fire and skill
Power, more hustle and will
Aim at my targets to kill
Put in more effort, and hours
I’m steady working to claim what is ours (x2)

Attention attention, did I fail to mention
That I do not give not one fuck what you think
You gonna say what you say and gon’ do what you do
Best believe Imma do the same thing
I gotta scroll through the blogs that be suckin on dicks
That be tiny and flaccid as fuck
Got so much shell in your heel from not keeping it real
When I let it go you better DUCK

I don’t give a muh fuck; I really don’t
You not on my level, you silly hoe
The hands on my Bezel said I don’t got time
I don’t got time, I’m busy bro
Calm down, you a lame, you a bottom
So far out ya lane, you sloppy
Same game but not the same league
Keep ya head up nigga, say cheese


You better crouch, you want this tool in your mouth?
I don't got humor to spare
Here to denounce, all that you knew and you found
I don't got rumors to share
Truth is I dare all your bredrins to flex
Bruv I don't care if you threaten my stage
Who comes for the service and settles for sweat
No one at all, so I'm guessing I'm safe
Barber got you in a chair, harder for you to beware
I'm not sorry you losing your hair
I snip, and I clip on the veins in your neck
Running your niggas and claiming your set
Made for the stage, hope you can take all this rage
Don't even change up the page
This chapter the one that we gon' entertain
Passively pop'n deflating your brain

Track Name: Never Hurt Us
They say that sticks and stones may break my bones
But words gon’ live forever
Tell the kids who take they own lives over bullying
It’s better to be made fun of than pushed or shoved
Tell that bullshit to the ones they loved
See, I been called a name or two in my lifetime
Been on the other end of a wrist knife with no lifeline
Wanted to be put on like Fenty primer and fight shine
The way that I allowed others to take what was quite mine
Now look at me
Open for Jidenna, Drake, Miguel and JoeyBada$$
With 3 badasses and a legend with a supreme past
Been recognized by my city as vital to the culture
It’s not a fad, it’s my life, shout outs to all the vultures
If I should die before my sight take shape
Promise me at my viewing you gon’ dab and Harlem Shake
Cause the life I lived was legendary, lavish, lovely
So sip some bubbly when you think fondly of me

I'm not a killer but dont push me
Already in my zone but I’m feeling kind of lucky
Playing in my role but no I’m not a rookie
I just wanna turn up, have fun and let one burn up
No words gon' ever hurt us

I already told em it’s the champion blend
I remind myself too when I can’t see an end
Phoenix will probably break news with a rant: CNN
We ending whole fucking careers with the stamp of our pen
Yea it’s crazy how you go for a decade and time the vision, plus
Plenty people undermine, tell em to mind they business
Now work hours are finished and I’m trying to roll with Viah
but if work needs to be done, I get Kevin Gates “Tired”

Ayo I let you run one time, it’s not gon’ happen again
Have you thespians back on track, acting again
You lackin’ again
You lackin’ a friend
Take a number wait in line, and homie I’ll get back to you then
Tellin’ me I got skill, nah, this a natural pen
Went on tour with the S-R-T-Y, like 3 times
Phoenix took this shit to the sky
Lex a visionary
‘Viah start rapping, shit get scary
Straight obituaries

Opened hella big shows
Toured ‘cross the C.A.
Rollin with my big bros
Juicin' like a V8
Bros are my shorties and yeah my shorties my squad
Couple girls in our glory ain't gotta worry 'bout God
Whoever God is, they got us, he or she I'm unsure
I employ all the haters and then my team gon' implore
Say these bars don't impress you
But the bottom your bedding
Saw potential in you like you was Madonna the legend
Boy if you reading or listening, shit, you long overdue
I gotta assume
That I'm the biggest dog in the room
I gobble you coons
I really wish your papa condom buss
All that gossip not a plus
Get that drama far from ... us
Track Name: OTW
Major shit, I don’t know minor shit
Pavement shit, y’all be the tire (shit)
Flavourless, y'all just an emptines
Tell me there’s wires you just like a stylist tip
Under my pressure you break, nothing I say you could say
Nothing I fed you you ate
You takin’ your chances, I measure my stakes
You takin’ advances, I treasure my change
You get it but owe it back
They own all your masters, you beg em to throw it back
Told em that method don’t work for me
America, metric don’t work for me
Thank god my genetics gon’ work for me
Yo shorty dependin’ on surgery
Me, I be lit in the gym so my stamina match my physique
Get used to the savage I be

I’m already on the way
I could never be swept away
Please hurry up andele
Sometimes I don’t think I’m ok

But Imma make it yo, I promise
I’ll never bore you with my problems
Just tryna score, you know I’m ballin’
And Imma make it yo, I promise

Said Imma make it yo, I promise
I’ll never bore you with my problems
Just tryna score, you know I’m ballin’
And Imma make it yo, I promise

Make paper, stack it up to the ceiling
Real talk my nigga fuck yo feelings
I been ballin when they told me I would ass out
I’m still ballin, throwin parties till we pass out
Ain’t braggin when you see me with the cash out
Since 5 ain’t never had no handouts
No questions
Dont stress me
Just know I ride my own wave, no jet ski
Probably with a African prince on a private flight
I do my own thing ‘cause it’s half the price
I stay laid up for like half the night
Might hit twice if u asking nice
I know i got the bank to back my words up
Know I got the biz, fuck what you heard, cuh
Keysh on one that's the talk around
Pull up on me and it might could go down, like..


When I was just a little girl
I’s always told that I would never be none
That everything I did already been done
And only men could ever really rule the kingdom
But as I grew into a queen
I realized that haters always talk shit
Especially when haters ain’t never got shit
Ain’t never used they own noggin ain’t never thought shit
So I accepted the challenge right then and there
To be just who I am and bout others ain’t never care
And as I climb the ladder, the haters just stop and stare
Not because they see me, but ‘cause they wanna be there
And for every step I take in the right direction
I’ll always be having couple haters in my section
Talking bout who I’m sexin, bout who I’m steady stressin
But instead of catching hands, I’m steady catching all these blessings like…

Tired of eating off the Dollar Menu
After all the shit that I have been through
Make a normal human wanna overdose
I smoke a little too much when the rent due
Never made much sense when I get the group text
Trying to make me flex on a track
It turns into therapy sessions
And overbearing confessions
I say I’m fine while I battle depression
Like man
Maybe this is way too much
Can I handle fame? Could be so messed up
Yo swear
I be stressing all night long
Put my life on this and I can’t be wrong
So I put on my boots, ready for war
Big up myself, walk out that door
Work and pray that I turn it around
That Sorority Sound
It’s forever I’m down

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